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Vasco da Gama is situated on the left bank of the river Zuari in 15*23'45" North Latitude and 73*48'45" East Longitude

After the formation of Mormugao Taluka bifurcating the Salcete Taluka, the then Portuguese authorities carved out a township of the newly formed Taluka from the adjacent villages of Chicolda, Vadem and Mormugao, etc. due to the development of Harbour and laying out of Railway line, and named it Vasco de Gama by the Decree of 1917.

The town is divided into two zones namely, Central Zone and Southern Zone known as Baina. The Central Zone is remarkable for the intense commercial and industrial activities carried out there.

It is a streamlined town with big and shady avenues; all tarred paved streets and spacious footpaths. A liner and once a well-planned and well maintained township, the town is now overcrowded with settlements consisting partly of middle class residential houses and partly of hutments of industrial and commercial labourers. Hotels and Restaurants cluster near the town's core.

The railway station and its environs constitute the town center. The town is a passenger traffic terminal while the Mormugao railway station beyond, almost entirely handles goods.

The Dabolim Airport is open for civilians' use and that has attracted some building activity along the plateau aslope at the top of the Vasco da Gama-Cortalim road.

Vasco da Gama is the residential and commercial appendage of the Mormugao Port, which is known as one of the best harbour's on the West Coast of India and is the principal focus of economic activity in Goa.

The main public departments, the Parish church and the Railway Station are located in this zone, which is densely populated. It has several avenues bordered with fine trees. In the southern zone or Baina connected with the former by a fine tar road, there is a beautiful beach with a marginal promenade.

The town has been provided with all modern amenities for tourists. The town has been provided with fire fighting service.

The climate of the town is tropical but tempered by sea and river breezes, so that it is quite pleasant like a sea resort.

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