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Smt Deepali D. Naik
Chief Officer


Contrary to skepticism about success of the ban on plastic carry bags, Vasco da Gama responded to the call and whole-heartedly cooperated in the effort to make the ban a near 100% success.

Mormugao is the first local body in the whole of Goa to declare it�s entire jurisdiction as plastic carry bag free and the same was first notified vide Notification no.LS/MISC/1915/96/Part II/1166 dated 23.02.2004. Better late than never the ban was implemented from 26th January 2006.

The ban was necessary not because of an anti plastic stance. People should understand that this is the only Council in Goa that converts the organic waste into compost on a large scale. The compost has applications in the Agro Sector. Large-scale prevalence of plastic bags results in choking of the plant and also the quality of compost is affected. The EM�s used to treat the waste are rendered ineffective due to increasing volume of plastic bags. Deadly leachates are produced due to lack of aeration.

Moreover there is no landfill site available at present, to take care of the non-biodegradable waste. Glass, hard plastic, metals find their way into recycling but the bag does not.

Therefore, until proper disposal solution is found, we should be contended with the ban.

�Green Mormugao� was another initiative supported fully by the Council for environment protection. It was heartening to see a vast majority of the concerned citizens who came in good strength for all the three days. It shows that citizens are thinking in the right direction.

Vascoites need to be more active to save environment.



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