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1. A street light in my area is not working for the last few days what have I to do & whom to contact?
Ans: You may have to make a complaint to the electricity department describing the pole No. on which the street light is not working.

2. Garbage or the dust bin is not cleared for many day's, therefore it is smelling badly what I have to do?
Ans: You have to make a complaint in writing in simple letter Describing the dust bin No. which is recorded by Red colour,the same will be cleared within 24 hours.

3. A dead animal dog/cow is lying on the road no one has come to remove the same, what I have to do?
Ans: Make a simple application or complain orally to the Municipal officer or the Chief Officer, same will be removed immediately.

4. A building adjoining to the road of/my house is in dilapidated condition, which may fall any time causing loss of life, the owner of building is not taking any care. What can I do?
Ans: You can make an application to the Chief Officer, who after examining the building with the technical staff will issue the necessary order.


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