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1. I want permission for construction of a new building, What are the formalities, I am required to do?
Ans: You are required to make an application addressed to the Chief Officer of the council describing details of the property along with following documents:-

  1. Ownership documents of the property i.e. sale deed or gift deed or partnership deed along with form B in which your name is recorded as an occupant.
  2. Conversion Sanad of the area issued by the Dy. Collector of the Sub-Division.
  3. Plan of the building in triplicate along with site plan.
  4. Schedule II showing details of area & its utilization. (Annexure I)
  5. Questionnaire (Annexure II)
  6. Plan approved by the V.P.D.A.
2. After making the above application how much time is required to obtain permission?
Ans: After receiving the above application, your application will be forwarded to the Health Department & after receiving the favorable reports from the above department site will be inspected by technical staff & thereafter you will be directed to deposit construction license fees. In case your proposed building is under following category .N.O.C from Fire Brigade is also required
  1. Building over 14.2 meters in height;
  2. Factories and establishment,where electric motors capacity exceeds 5 H.P. and above:
  3. Shipyards and work-shops;
  4. Tank farm of petroleum products/POL dispensing outlets;
  5. Flammable gas godown/LPG gas godowns;
  6. Godowns and Warehouse;
  7. Public places like exhibition halls, entertainment places, dancing halls, theatres, assembly halls,sea port, airport railway station, bus station, stadium, etc;
  8. Educational and institutional places;
  9. Hotels, restaurants and bakeries;
  10. Storage places of flammable and hazardous goods
    Once you deposit the fees within 3 (three) days you will get construction licence
3. Whether there is any time limit prescribed?
Ans: Maximum 60 days time limit has been fixed if all the documents are in order.
4. How much time this permission is valid?
Ans: Initially this permission is valid for one year, however the same can be renewed further on justification of delay for a similar period.
5. What do i have to do for renewal of my construction licence?
Ans: You are required to file a simple application explaining the facts and circumstances in which you could not complete the proposed building alongwith original construction licence before expiry of prescribed limit.
6. How much time will it take to get renewal of the licence?
Ans: After filing the application you will get a reply of your renewal within 3 (three) days.
7. Whether there are any renewal charges?
Ans: Yes, you are required to pay the fees as prescribed for renewal by the council from time to time.
All the formalities as mentioned in para (1) above except that you are not required to produce conversion sanad and ownership documents, instead you are required to produce house tax receipt.
8. I want to do minor repair to my house-Like-Plastering, flooring etc. whether I am required to take permission?
Ans: You are required to take permission to do minor repair to your house.
9. What are the formalities I am required to follow?
Ans: You are required to file a simple application along with paid house tax receipt and describing the details of repair.
10. How much time is required to get the above permission?
Ans: After receiving your application the Municipal Engineer will inspect the premises within three days and if he is satisfied that the minor repair as mentioned is required to be done permission will be given within 7 days
11. If my son/daughter wants to obtain a loan for the repair work whether the permission can be issued in his/her name?
Ans: Yes, the same can be given provided he shall attach the N.O.C by way of affidavit from the owner of the house authorizing him for the said repairs and he does not have any objections. The son/daughter shall also give undertaking to the Council that on the basis of the said permission he/she will not claim ownership rights on the said property.
12. Incase I could not get construction licence in the prescribed time, whether I can assume that the licence is deemed to be granted?
Ans: Yes, It will he presumed that permission is deemed to be granted subject to all the relevant documents and plans being in order.

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