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Home garden competition results

The winning entries of the first all Vasco Home Garden Competition  are:

1. Mrs. Kishori Sinari , Opposite Cottage Hospital, Chicalim   Ph.9822980499, 2541616
2. Mr. Vishwas Watane , T-1, Shivsagar Apts, Mangor Hill, Vasco       
 Ph : 2518343
Spl Prize : Mrs. Parkot, Vasco


  1. Mrs. Krishnaveni  Gopinath, Chicolna. Ph.9823232299
  2. Mrs. Geeta Kamat   Opposite Regina Mundi bus stop,  Chicalim  Ph: 2541217, 9822124238
  3. Mrs. Olinda Rodrigues, Behind Post Office, Off Vasco Road, Chicalim Ph. 2541827
    Spl. Prize Pooja Thakur, G-5, Rangavi Estate, Near Fun Mantra, Bogmallo Road.h. 2538145
    Spl. Prize Mr. Gangadhar Sakhalkar, Durga, 8,Rangavi Estate, Chicalim Ph.2538282

1.Capt. Sharad Karnad, Harbour Master, MPT Complex, Sada. Ph.9822101853
2. Desterro Sisters, Desterro. Behind Cine Metropole. Ph.2521313
3.Regina Mundi residence, Off Airport Road, Chicalim. Ph.2541492

The judging was done by Dr. Heman Karapurkar, Ms. Rena Fernandes and Miguel Braganza all of BSG. The team was accompanied by Mrs. Menezes of St.Andrew's Social Forum, Vasco.

Please arrange to water the plants each morning. Just one glass full [200 ml] of water per big pot is enough. Water the bonsai as per instructions of mrs. Geeta Kamat. Please arrange to wet the ground in the exhibition area. The carpet is woefully inadequate and the dust is on the plants.

Get additional table cloths to display the flower/fruit arrangements. Weighing balance and waste collection baskets for the fruit eating competition.Poster paper to be provided for the drawing competition.

PLEASE HAVE THREE THINGS HANDY ON 03 MARCH MORNING 1. LUXOR PERMANENT MARKER PEN  2. BAGGAGE TAGS [ or poster paper pieces 2" x 4" with a hole and string to tie them to the plants]  and 3. REGISTER [or FILE with ruled sheets to enter the names, addresses, phone numbers as well as code numbers of plants.

POTTED PLANTS SELECTED for  entries on 03 March at GREEN MORMUGAO exhibition

1.  . Desterro Sisters, Desterro. . Ph.2521313    Monstera, Begonias, Calathea
2. Regina Mundi residence. Ph.2541492  Calatheas, Begonia, Caladium
3. Mrs. Geeta Kamat   Ph: 2541217, 9822124238  Orchids, Anthuriums, Bonsai
4. Mrs. Kishori Sinari ,    Orchids, Cacti
5. Mr. Vishwas Watane , Ph : 2518343  Crotons, Bonsai
6. Mrs. Pooja Thakur, ph. 2538145        Cacti 
7. Mr. Gangadhar Sakhalkar, Ph.2538282      Anthurium
8. Mrs. Olinda Rodrigues, Ph. 2541827  Begonias, Caladium, Cacti, Impatiens
9. Mrs Sharda Naik Ph. 9423062321  Caladia, Crotons
10. Mrs. Anjali Arondekar   
Anthurium, Begonia, Caladium

Olinda/Lira Rodrigies of Chicalim has beautifully and correctly labelled her plants. Simar labelling is advisable for different types of plants so that the exhibition becomes informative, specially for students.
Persons who have not competed in the Home Garden competition have also brought potted plants, specially cacti.

Ideally, it would help if the plants are classified into 4 GROUPS

FLOWERING                                  F


SUCCULENTS & CACTI                  S

BONSAI                                         Bon

BEGONIA                                    B has been added because of overwhelming number of entries of this plan species.

The judges can make an unbiased decision. No names are to be written on the pots or tags till after the judging.

Please make OWNER / WINNER TAGS to display on the prize winning pots on Sunday. Use PERMANENT MARKER.

Arrangements for watering of the plants every morning and security 24 hours [ at least two persons in each shift of 8 or 12 hours.]
My request was for tables and table cloths to arrive by 0800 hours on 03 March, preferably by 02 March night, and arranged in two rows, with two metres gap between and on the sides for easy viewing and movement in the pendal for competition displays.The tables were there , but wrongly arranged...and without table cloths. The contractor was told that every table should have a table cloth. If the instructions were not changed later, deduction should be made. I am grateful to the MMC for sparing the white table cloth for the bonsai. If any soils falls on it by mistake, kindly apply a little oxalic acid [sugar like crystals used for polishing new tile floors] to the stained area after washing and keep in the sun for ten minutes. Rinse again. The stains due to iron in the soil will disappear. [Also useful for rust stains on cloth]

  Security to be provided for the plants, specially orchids and cacti, 24 hours.Watchmen to be instructed first, not scolded later.


Dear Sir,

Just to let you know that The GREEN MORMUGAO event was truly appreciated by the citizens of Vasco and a very commendable initiative. For plant lovers in particular, it was a treat to see the beautiful plants on display and sale. In fact it was great to see so many Vasco citizens thronging the Children's Park, taking part in the competitions and programs and several coming away with a plant or two in hand! .

A big thanks to all those involved in organizing the event -  the Chief Officer, Chairperson, Councillors and staff of the
Mormugao Municipal Council, the Goa Botanical Society, St . Andrew's Social Apostolate Forum and the Mormugao
Community Development Society.  Not forgetting the several individuals (the list is too long to name them all individually!) who worked hard for its success. It was also nice to see both the local MLA's Rajendra Arlekar and Karl Vaz supporting the initiative.

It was also good to see the encouragement given to the differently abled who displayed paper bags which, besides encouraging them, is also another step forward towards a plastic-free city.

With more initiatives of this sort, we can hopefully look forward soon to a cleaner and greener Mormugao.

Best wishes,
Valerie Rodrigues

Mickky promises ZAO for Mormugao

Agriculture Minister Francisco  Pacheco inaugurated the 'Green Mormugao' Plant Exhibition at the Municipal Garden, Vasco, in the presence of Rajendra Arlekar, MLA; Simon D'Souza, former MLA; Dr.H.Y.Karapurkar, Chairman of Goa State Biodiversity Board and Elvis Gomes, Chief Officer of MMC; among other dignitaries.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pacheco said that he fully supports the demand of Mormugao Municipal Council and the people of Mormugao taluka that a Zonal Agriculture Office (Z.A.O.)should be established in this taluka as in the other ten talukas of Goa . He welcomed the resolution passed by the MMC on 23 February, 2006, and said that he would have the Z.A.O. established by his Ministry in the next week if the MMC provides office space to house it  till alternate premises are found. He then went round the exhibition of flowering,ornamental plants and bonsai as well as the exhibits of Goacan, Pilar Nature Farm, Chemtrol and the plant nurseries.

The exhibition and competitions at GREEN MORMUGAO are open to public.Competitions in Vegetable carving, flower arrangements and watermelon eating will be held on Saturday 04 March from 4 P.M. onwards.Participants have to bring their own materials for the competitions.This will be preceded by a drawing competition for school students in two catergories, Std. V to VII and Std VIII to SSC, for which drawing paper will be provided, at 3.00 P.M.. There is no entry fee.
The judging for the first All Mormugao Home Garden competition organised by the St.Andrew's Social Forum, MMC and Botanical Society of Goa was held on 26 February, 2006.  The criteria for judging the gardens were : Presentation/Visual impact, health of plants, cleanliness of the garden and care of plants.Bonus points were given for re-use of waste water, composting of garden/kitchen waste and planting/maintenance of road side trees near the competitor's house.The prizes will be given at the GREEN MORMUGAO Plant Exhibition on Sunday, 5 March,2006, at 4.30  P.M. at Parque Infantil/ Children's Park, opposite LaPaz Gardens, Vasco -Goa.

Earlier, Mr. Simon D'Souza welcomed the people for the event. Mr. Rajendra Arlekar and Elvis Gomesalso spoke while Fr.Nascimento Mascarenhas, author of the book "Mormugao's Rich Heritage" spoke about the history of the Children's Park in Vasco.

Michelle Coelho                                                                        Miguel Braganza
 Organising Secretary,                                                                President   
 GREEN MORMUGAO                                                           Botanical Society of Goa



  For details contact Mr. Simon D'Souza 9822487832 or Mr. Michael D'Souza at  MMC 9823577358 or write to



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