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VASCO: PLASTIC FREE from January 26, 2006 :

As the problems in managing the solid waste is increasing a hundred fold in its day- to- day clearance not just in Vasco but all over Goa, it has become a MUST that the public in general begins to take its consequences seriously.

The fact that Vasco is the only place in Goa having a waste treatment plant to treat its biodegradable waste does not solve or put its garbage problems on hold.  The main problem lies in the unavailability of a proper dumpsite for the non-biodegradable waste left over after segregation, which consists mainly of plastics and predominantly plastic carry bags.

Due to the manifold increase in various types of dwellings at every point, the land is
become scarce and hopes of getting a vacant land apt for such use and most importantly that is free of all such encumbrances have faded. Even the Govt. has been grappling with the problem of sites for quite sometime..

Hence in order to combat this problem, as a first step, it has been decided to enforce
the Government Notification No.LS/MISC/1915/96 Part II/1166 dtd.23.02.04 issued under the Environment Protection Act,1986, by putting a complete ban on all plastic bags in the first instance,w.e.f  26. January 2006.

The public in general is expected to extend their cooperation and support towards this cause by in the first instance NOT giving in to thoughts of convenience and insisting upon and discouraging the use of plastic carry bags especially with the
vendors/shopkeepers. This attitude will help eliminate the biggest problem of the day.

As a second step, the Council proposes Re-introducing the door-to-door garbage collection from February 01, 2006 in select areas in the beginning and whole town from March 01, 2006.

It is only with the cooperation and support that these steps will help in preventing
proliferation of garbage litter, ugly sites, dogs, cattle and rodents who feed on garbage thereby making Vasco a clean place that will be most refreshing to the eyes.

Some useful tips that will help achieve this dream:


  1. Segregate (wet & dry) garbage at source.
  2. Maintain wet garbage in green colour dustbin at source.
  3. Maintain dry garbage in black colour dustbin at source.
  4. Give your dry or wet garbage separately to the authorized Municipal garbage collector when they come to your doorsteps.
  5. In case of any doubt about the identity of garbage collector at your doorstep, please insist the identity card of the concerned person.
  6. Please sign the card carried by the garbage collector as a token of garbage collected from your place.
  7. Please insist that official payment receipt is made.


  1. Do not mix (i.e. wet & dry) garbage at source.
  2. Do not entertain any person who does not have identity card from the Mormugao Municipal Council.
  3. Do not sign the card if garbage is not collected from your place.
  4. Do not burn your waste.
  5. Do not create any obstacles to the smooth collection of garbage.
  6. Do not give any money to the garbage collector or any other person without official receipt for the same.
  7. Do not throw the garbage outside your home.

For more information, contact

Mr. Michael D'Souza:   2512275 / 2512258 / 2512363


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